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Above Ground Swimming Pools – Easy to Set Up and Affordable to Maintain

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Above Ground Swimming Pools – Easy to Set Up and Affordable to Maintain

Written By: Michael Peterson
Date: 04/29/2014

When it comes to easy setup and affordable maintenance, nothing beats above ground pools.  In recent years, above ground swimming pools have rapidly grown in popularity because they are relatively inexpensive compared to in ground pools.  In addition, the flexibility of swimming pools above ground is unparalleled.  They can be removed more easily and can even be moved.  In the past, many home owners had reservations about above ground pools because they felt they were not as durable as in ground alternatives.  However, recent developments in the construction of above ground pools mean that they can usually last between 15 and 20 years so long as you keep up proper maintenance and replace the liner every five to seven years.  Intex above ground pools are an excellent example of a durable above ground pool that will provide your family with years of swimming entertainment

Above Ground Pool Setup

Generally speaking, installing an above ground pool will require a few similar steps.  Keep in mind that whatever above ground swimming pool you ultimately purchase will vary some with regards to installation but these guidelines should provide you with a sense of the work involved.  For example, smaller above ground pools can usually be inflated or installed directly on your lawn while larger pools may require sod removal and site leveling.  Still, the basic steps involved with setting up your new above ground pool will be discussed.

First, choose a suitable place to put your pool.  Although this seems obvious, there are some careful considerations you should make.  Pick a place where the ground is level and void of large rocks and stones.  Also, make sure you have access to an outdoor electrical outlet.  Your pool should be in an area of your yard with sun exposure and away from trees and bushes which tend to lead to excess debris in your pool.

Next, it is recommended that you level an area that is larger than your pool size.  For example, if you have chosen a 12 foot pool then your base should be closer to 15 feet in diameter.  You can level the area using a straight 2x4, which can be purchased at your local building supply store, and a spirit level.  Above ground pools with an inflatable ring can usually be set up on the grass but installing metal frame above ground pools would require that you remove the sod.  Still, lay the 2x4 on the ground with the spirit level on top and ensure that the bubble is centered.  Turn the board 90 degrees and check the level again.  You should repeat this process over the entire area of the above ground swimming pool base.  Should the area not be level, you can add soil to low regions.


Once you have created a level base for your above ground pool, you can start setting up the pool.  Every above ground pool is not the same with regards to setup so you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Generally speaking, you would assemble the side walls, insert the liner, and connect the top rails.  This is an extremely simplified explanation of above ground swimming pool assembly because not all pools are the same.  Still, once you have the structure of your above ground pool set up you can begin to fill the pool with water.  Ensure that the water depth is equal around the pool, as uneven water levels can cause excess stress on the walls of your above ground pool.  Finally, you’ll be ready to install the filter system and other extras for your pool by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance

Although maintenance for above ground swimming pools tends to be more straightforward, it is still important that you take care of your pool.  First of all, you should check the chlorine levels daily to ensure that your pool is safe for swimming. You can purchase chlorine floaters that regularly administer chlorine to your above ground pool.  Also, you should keep your above ground swimming pool covered when not in use to prevent debris from building up.  This day to day maintenance means that your above ground pool can be enjoyed without stress.

As far as closing your pool is concerned, it is recommended that you follow the manufacturers’ instructions for proper winterization.

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