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How Should Electrical Outlets be Installed in a Kitchen Area?

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How Should Electrical Outlets be Installed in a Kitchen Area?

Written By: Andy Electrician
Date: 04/29/2014

In the kitchen, you should have electrical outlets up to twenty-four inches apart for counter spaces. If you have an island with an outlet, it needs to be twelve inches from the top of the counter top. You cannot install a face up electrical outlet by any sink. The receptacles used by the sinks and all water sources must be GFCI. These electrical outlets will stop current to the appliance if it is tripped because of water or moisture. These outlets are needed per the housing code. If you do not use the correct electrical outlet in the area of a water source, you will be in violation of the electrical code.

You will need electrical outlets behind the refrigerator, behind the stove, behind the dishwasher, and one for the compactor. If you have a microwave, you will want that to have a dedicated electrical outlet as well. The only appliance in a kitchen that can be controlled with a wall switch is the garbage disposal. The lights will be controlled with wall switches as well. To make sure all kitchen wiring and electrical outlets are correctly installed according to code, you should use an insured and licensed electrician.

You may also need electrical outlets by the table and chairs or on walls where you will have a television or radio. A coffee maker should also have a GFCI receptacle. There are provisions in the housing code for appliances and other kitchen electronics that you need to know about when you decide where and how to place your outlets. If you have any concerns about how or where to place the outlets or how to run the electric wiring, you should call a professional electrician or qualified electrical contractor to perform the work and make sure it passes inspection.

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