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The Major Advantage of Lowe's Ceiling Fan Over Their Competitors

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The Major Advantage of Lowe's Ceiling Fan Over Their Competitors

Date: 04/29/2014

Lowe's ceiling fans are stylish and they never produce noise. These ceiling fans have 15 years warranty. Lowe's will arrange for installing the ceiling fans. Separate Lowe's credit cards can be used to pay for ceiling fan installation. Lowe's ceiling fans are inexpensive when compared to other ceiling fans.

Lowe's ceiling fan installation service includes removing old lights from ceiling fan and the old ceiling fan, assembling new ceiling fan, adding new lights to ceiling fan, check whether the ceiling fan and light works properly. Lowe's is the best installation team of ceiling fans. They accept Lowe's credit cards that you can get form online.

Lowe's ceiling fan has remote control to control fan and light. Lowe's harbor breeze ceiling fan has banana leaf blades and the color of the fan is so attractive that it provides contemporary look to your home. As the name itself suggests the fan offers cool breeze even in hot summer. You can use it in damp locations. You can add 4 lights to the glass kit provided.

Lowe's harbor breeze Tahoe ceiling fan has 4 blades which look like the shape of leaf. The brown colored leaf offers cool breeze and there is provision for 4 lights. The unique design ceiling fan will add decorative value of your home.

Lowe's harbor breeze Exeter ceiling fan has 56 inch blades. The blade has walnut or rose wood finish. There are 5 reversible blades. You can add light to the fan. The six inch down rod offers maximum air movement. This fan is suitable for damp locations.


Harbor breeze key west ceiling fan has 52 inch blades. They have vintage pewter finish. The blades are oval shaped. You can use it either indoor or out door locations. They are most suitable for damp locations. They have water proof blades and so they are rust resistant. The glass kit has provision for light.

The harbor breeze air span ceiling fan has 69 inches blades. The two blades in either side contain 3 small blade fans respectively. So the total number of blades is 8 in this fan. You can add 100 watt bulb in this fan. The blades have natural maple finish and it will provide an attractive look to your house. It has remote control to adjust light and fan.

The harbor breeze aged bronze Baja ceiling fan measures 52 inches, and the blades are uniquely designed as palm leaf. You can use this fan in damp locations. The light kit can held light to add beauty to the fan. The down rod length is 6 inches and so it assures proper air circulation.

Harbor breeze Caribbean brass Baja ceiling fan has a natural palm leaf shape and they have attractive brass finish. There are 5 blades and there is life time warranty for the product. It is suitable for damp locations. They have weather resistant capacity. You can use this in indoor or out door locations.

Lowe's installation services and their cheaper rate are the two major advantages of the ceiling fans. They have unique style and high power motor that produces less noise.

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AUTHOR: Muna wa Wanjiru

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