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The Variety of Kids Ceiling Fan That is Ideal for your Children's Room

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The Variety of Kids Ceiling Fan That is Ideal for your Children's Room

Date: 04/29/2014

Kids ceiling fans are stylish and elegant. Whereas kids will have more fun while watching the unique design of a ceiling fan, a kid's ceiling fan is ideal for your children's room.

Hunter kids ceiling fan:

The Annabelle kids ceiling fan from Hunters has 44 inch blades. It has white ceiling and white and pink reversible blades. The fan has high power motor that produces only whispering noise. There is flexibility to add bulb. The pink color will attract more kids. The base ball ceiling fan has 44 inch 4 blades. You can use 100 watts bulb in the light kit provided. Your child will enjoy the base ball model. 48 inch airplane ceiling fan looks like an aero plane with blue and gray blades. The motor has high power and the fan is most suitable for small rooms.

Westing house ceiling fan:

Westing house kids ceiling fan has also base ball model. It is white in color with small pink designs. The fan will be more attractive when it rotates. You can attach bulbs in the light kit. The 30 inch ballerina fans are also more elegant and they have pink design in white back ground. The 30 inch petite white fan has option to add 60 watts bulb. It has 6 reversible white blades. The 30 inch turbo swift kids ceiling fans have natural maple blades curved in the corner. The blades are either made up of aluminum or antique brass.

Craft made kids ceiling fans:

The 48 inch war bird model kids ceiling fan has light kit. There are 4 blades colored in bright black and red. The Craft made war bird Miss America fan is colored like US flag. There are 4 reversible blades. They have 30 year warranty. The tiger shark kids ceiling fan has 3 blades painted as tiger shark. It attracts more children. It appears colorful and fun when it rotates.


Disco ball revolving light kit ceiling fan attracts small kids more. The light reflects from the metal ball and it looks beautiful. Candy jar light kit ceiling fans resemble candies that attract children very much. Race car ceiling fans have blades painted as car tracks. The small toy cars are fixed at the end of the blades. The 4 blades have 4 color toy cars and when it rotates the children have more fun. Some fans have 5 blades also. There is flexibility for adding light to the fans. There is hand held remote control also for fan and light.

Ellington kids ceiling fan:

The surf board Ellington ceiling fan has 5 oval shaped blades. You can add light to it. A separate remote control is included. And the tear drop ceiling fans have 4 blades. The center of the fan looks like a tear drop and hence the name. The 52 inches rocket fan resembles the shape of a rocket. The titan fan has reversible black and white blades.

Aire Ryder kids ceiling fans:

The cosmos fan has two blades each of which again have three small blades like a portable fan. The blade is made up of rose wood plywood. It has 40 inch blade. The 42 inch eclipse fan has 3 blades with small 3 blades in each blade.

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AUTHOR: Muna wa Wanjiru

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