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Various Types of Generators

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Various Types of Generators

Written By: Generator
Date: 04/29/2014

Today, we cannot imagine our life without electricity; power outages have great effect on our daily lives. The best back up for long power cuts is generators, they provide us with a continuous supply of power and save us from significant losses that occur due to irregularities in power supply. Generators consist of two major components, the motor and the generator head. The motor helps to burn the fuel into power supply and the generator helps to produce electricity from that power. The engines used in the generator motors of high quality generators are supplied by companies like Ford, GM, and Honda. Generators can be broadly classified into two categories the standby generators and the portable generators.

Standby Generators: Standby generators are widely used in business houses and residential buildings for power backup. They are usually installed outside the building and are connected to the electric circuits by plugging in. These generators operate automatically and start supplying power whenever they detect disruption in the power supply. One essential thing that you need to take care of while buying the standby generators is a cooling system. The motors of the standby generators get very heated up and needs to be cooled. Standby generators are equipped with two types cooling systems, air-cooled systems and the Liquid cooled systems. The ones that come with air-cooled systems are very noisy and not that effective. On the other hand standby generators that come with Liquid cooled systems make very less noise in comparison and are more dependable. The silent generators automatically shutdown if they fall short on oil pressure or are overheated.

Portable Generators: Portable generators have become very popular in the recent past due to their portability features. These are specially designed for areas that have no electricity, such as construction sites, camps, and other similar areas. They come with a power inlet box to which the generator is connected and started. Portable generators are equipped with wheels and can be easily rolled to the site without any hassle. Portable generators can be used to supply electricity to various appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators, sump pumps and furnaces with the help of extension cords. Portable generators are very compact and easy to move. They are also inexpensive in comparison to the standby generators. The things that you need to take care of while buying a portable generator are weight, dimensions, wheel type and handle style of the generator as that will allow you measure the mobility of the equipment.

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